BMP Racing OMRA GP Rnd 2, 2013

Yes we went racing last weekend. Of course we won ! It may have been the magic sweatshirt.

It can get lonely out front all by yourself….

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Round 2 of the OMRA GP series was put on by Northwest Offroad Racing Assoc at the Prineville Adventure Park, March 23, 2013. In prior years this race has been held several weeks later, and battling severe dust was an issue. This year we just had to drive over ice covered roads so we could huddle up in 23 degree weather while waiting to race! The dirt however was just-right moist, making for excellent racing conditions.

The 50 Expert group got off the line around 10 after various delays (and after the sun had pushed the temps above freezing). Pretty much all the best riders were there for this event, but it didnt matter. Mark took a commanding lead on the first 30 minute loop, after starting in the back of the pack. Seems that some guys got a bit lost shortly after the start and lost quite a bit of time, however it didnt make much difference because Mark continued to stretch the lead by a couple minutes per loop all the way to the end.

This was terrain close to home for Mark and an excellent course for the mighty 310R. We are still running stock engine and exhaust while we wait for the FMF header and a chance to download the ‘open’ pipe map.

Mark wasnt the only BMP guy to do well. Nelson, in his second expert race dueled with the second place 50 Expert pack until he got diverted into the weeds during an attempted pass ….. its tough to get around a couple of crafty old guys. Great ride and improving fast. From Nelson:

I was in a pack of three for second place and we rode about a lap and a half that way until I got a little off course and fell behind a little more. On the last lap I missed a corner and saw another 50ex go by me, ……so I wicked it up and caught this rider. We were pretty even on our pace and I finally found a place to get by him and that was on an uphill two track that had a rocky right lane, I had to take it to go around so I pinned it and got the pass. After the end of the race he pulls up beside me and said “man you blew by me on that uphill, what size is that?” It’s a 310

I absolutely love this bike,

Tim Troffer showed up on his 165 WB in blue and yellow livery, and the new Husky guy Paul S soldiered to the end for second Beginner with a flat rear tire…felt a little squirrely he said 🙂

Thanks to also to Watson Performance Suspension , Zip-Ty , Motosportz and Husqvarna NA for their support of the BMP riders.


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