BMP Racing 2013 6 Hours Endurance at Eddieville

Team BMP finally got a chance to do a little racing last weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.

Mark chucking rocks on the 310R
Nelson charging out of a turn


Mark giving the Watson Suspension
setup a little workout


Ryan Clay getting on the TXC511

Wonderful sunny conditions at Eddieville for the opening of the Over The Bars Gang Endurance Series Spring 6 Hour

Mark and Nelson tried to pull together a 50+ team but we couldn’t find anther 50 year old who was available on short notice. In the end Nelson recruited one of the Mt. Scott MC brothers, Ryan Clay and Lonny donated his TXC511 to the cause and TEAM BMP RACING 6 HOUR was born.

Since Ryan is under 40 we ended up with two 50+ year olds mounted on new TXC310Rs and one 30-something on the ’11 TXC511 racing to 2nd place in the 30 Expert class, and they werent far off the pace for 1st, in fact there is some suspicion about the winners handling of a flat tire…. Old guys rule.

Thanks again to  Husqvarna Rider Support for helping put Mark and Nelson on the 310Rs.

See BMP Racing at OMRA events coming up..

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