Husqvarna 610 570 410 400 350 New Billet Clutch Cover !!OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 5/1/2015

New billet heavy duty extra thick clutch cover seen in pictures.

Covers directly replaces the outer clutch covers on 1999-2002 610 570 410 and 400 TE/TC dirt bike models.

Will also fit 1992 thru 1998 350 610 410 dirt models but you may need to file a small amount off of the back of your existing shifter to obtain proper clearance between old shifter and new cover. Filing may also may need to be done to later models IF YOUR SHIFTER IS BENT!

Cover has a 6mm threaded oil check hole. Does not have an oil window.

We are Bill’s Motorcycles Plus of Salem Oregon, long time Husky dealer and riders. Please ask questions if needed 1-888-806-1153

>>>>>>01/30/2014 out of stock until further notice !!!


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